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Banners Display

Request for Banner Setup

Reservation of Banner Location and Banner Setup

Guidelines on Banners Display

Pursuant to clause 4.10 of the Regulations on Posting of Materials on Campus, the Guidelines set out the arrangements for the reservation of banner locations and display of banners on campus.
Publicity by electronic means is encouraged to reduce carbon footprint. Reduction, reuse and recycling of publicity materials should be accorded the top priority to promotion.
Any display of banners which are in breach of the Guidelines will be removed without prior notice.



The available banner locations and sizes are listed in the Venues and Facilities Booking System (VFBS). Excepted for University-wide activities such as Convocation, Commencement, Information Day, reservation of locations not listed in the VFBS is not considered.
Reservation of banner locations should be made via the VFBS at least seven (7) working days in advance. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. All reservations, except for University-wide events, will be confirmed within one month before the display period.
Student organisations should make their applications through the Office of Student Affairs (SA) or reserve the banner locations by their own account of the academic society/interest club. They should also observe and comply with the guidelines as set out by SA.
Each banner location can be reserved for a maximum of fourteen (14) consecutive days.
A maximum of three (3) banner locations on Ho Sin Hang Campus, Shaw Campus and/or Baptist University Road Campus can be reserved for each event.
Display of banners
Banner locations are designated on campus for the promotion of activities or events organised by the University or any of its academic or administrative units or student organisations.
Banners should only be displayed at the banner locations listed in the VFBS.  Display on other locations on campus is not allowed without the prior approval of the University.
The official name of the respective academic or administrative unit or student organisation should be printed or stamped on the banners.
No commercial names/logos other than that of the co-organising/sponsoring companies of the activities should appear on the banner.
Banners should be produced according to the size and specification, if any, of the respective banner location.
The period of display is fourteen (14) days or up to the date of the activity or event referred to in the banners, whichever is shorter.  The banners should be removed upon the end of the display period.
Setup of banners
Service of setting up banner will be provided by the Estates Office (EO) upon request by academic or administrative units via VFBS or submission of a completed form of Request for Banner Setup to EO at least seven (7) working days in advance. To change or cancel the request, EO should be notified at earliest possible.
The banner setup service is arranged during 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday, except public holiday. Charges will be levied for setup service beyond the stated hours.
EO reserves the right not to provide the banner setup service or to provide it with surcharge should the banner do not follow the stated size or specifications of the respective banner location.
Setting up of banner performed by the contractor of academic or administrative unit or student organisation should be conducted under full supervision by the respective unit or student organisation.
The banner should be fixed properly and securely so as not to cause any damage to the University properties or create any potential danger to other campus users or public.
The banner shall be removed after the display period. EO reserves the right to remove and discard any banners after the display period without prior notice.



The Guidelines may be reviewed annually or as and when required.

Revised in July 2018



Ms. Wing Sit

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Last modified on 10 March 2021