Use of Noticeboards

Guidelines on Use of Noticeboards

Pursuant to clause 4.10 of the Regulations on Posting of Materials on Campus, the Guidelines set out the arrangements for the use of noticeboards on campus.
Publicity by electronic means is encouraged to reduce carbon footprint.  Reduction, reuse and recycling of publicity materials should be accorded the top priority to promotion.
Any posting of publicity materials which are in breach of the Guidelines will be removed without prior notice.
  Use of Noticeboards
Noticeboards are designated in common areas, such as podia, lift lobbies and common corridors within campus and reserved for posting of publicity materials to promote:


  1. student events/activities (students are required to observe and comply with respective guidelines set out by the Office of Student Affairs);
  2. university events/activities; and
  3. information from government authorities or non-governmental organisations.
Posting of publicity materials on other places is not allowed without the prior approval of the University.
The official name of the respective academic or administrative unit or student organisation should be printed or stamped on all publicity materials.
No commercial names/logos other than that of the co-organising/sponsoring companies of the activities should appear on the publicity materials.
The publicity materials posted on the noticeboards should not exceed A2 size.
Only one publicity material for the same event is allowed to be posted up on each noticeboard. Duplicated publicity materials or covering up of other publicity materials on the noticeboard are not allowed and will be removed without prior notice.
The period of posting is fourteen (14) days or up to the date of the activity or event referred to in the publicity materials, whichever is shorter. The end date of posting should be marked clearly at the bottom right corner on the publicity materials. The publicity materials should be removed upon the end of the period of posting by the person(s) who posted them up.
Noticeboards or areas for today's events are designated for the posting on the dates of university events/activities.
The materials will be disposed of without prior notice when the end date of posting is due unless special request and permission is granted to extend the posting period. Due to the limited space of the noticeboards, priority will normally be given to posted materials of new events/activities.
Publicity materials could also be posted on the reserved free stand display boards or notice stands. Reservation of display boards or notice stands is available on a first come, first served basis. The request for display boards/notice stands should be indicated in the Request for Venue Setup Form (English Version/Chinese Version).
Temporary directional signs may be posted on places other than the noticeboards, display boards or notice stands in the common areas on campus on the date of the activity or event subject to prior approval of the Estates Office.
The Guidelines may be reviewed annually or as and when required.

Revised in July 2018

Last modified on 10 March 2021