Repair and Maintenance Works

Repair and Maintenance Works

Application for Maintenance/Repair Service (English version)
維修服務申請表 (中文版)
承建商申領反光衣通知 (中文版)
Permit-to-work for Hot Work 熱工作准許證

工地風險自我檢查表 (中文版)
承建商施工守則 (中文版)

Scope of Service

Repair and maintenance service is provided by our in-house artisans and outside contractors for all campus facilities except Student Residence HallsDr. Ng Tor Tai International House and Academic Community Hall where it is managed by other Offices.

Request for Repair Works

To request repair and maintenance service, please download and complete the Application for Maintenance/Repair Service form (English Version/Chinese Version).  For emergency repair service, please call our office hotline on 3411 5660 (ext. 5660) or 3411 5688 (ext. 5688) during office hours or our Security Hotline on 3411 7777 (ext. 7777) during non-office hours.

Reflective Vest for Contractor Worker

All contractor workers except those wearing company uniforms should wear reflective vests provided by the Estates Office when staying and working on campus.


Departments/Offices who need to apply for reflective vests for their contractor workers, please complete and return the Reflective Vest for Contractor Worker form (承建商申領反光衣通知) (Chinese Version Only) to the Security Control Room before commencement of the works.

Permit-to-work for Hot Work and Site Risk Self-inspection Checklist

If hot work is involved, the person-in-charge of the contractor / in-house artisan should complete the Permit-to-work for Hot Work form and return it to the project-in-charge at Hong Kong Baptist University. 

The contractor is also required to complete the Site Risk Self-inspection Checklist (工地風險自我檢查表) (Chinese Version Only) form to ensure safety on the works site.

General Enquiry

3411 5660 (ext. 5660) /
3411 5688 (ext. 5688)

Last modified on 19 May 2020