Use of University-wide Venues/Communal Spaces

Use of University-wide Venues/Communal Spaces

Request for Venue Setup (English Version)
Request for Venue Setup at Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chor Tak Multi-purpose Hall (English Version)
Tea/Coffee Service Requisition

Reservation of University-wide Venues/Communal Spaces

Guidelines on Use of University-wide Venues & Communal Spaces

Pursuant to clause 4.1 of the Regulations on Use of Campus Space, the Guidelines set out the arrangements for the reservation and use of University-wide venues/communal spaces listed in the Venues and Facilities Booking System (VFBS).
The use of University-wide venues/communal spaces should be in line with the University policy or directions on a low-carbon campus.  Reduction in carbon footprint through measures and practices of reducing, reusing and recycling in University-wide venues/communal spaces should be accorded the top priority.
Unauthorised use of University-wide venues/communal spaces by any persons (including staff members, students, invitees and/or the general public) is strictly prohibited.
The Estates Office (EO) reserves the right to terminate, suspend temporarily or refuse any use of University-wide venues/communal spaces that fails to comply with the Guidelines.



The available University-wide venues/communal spaces for ceremony, function, exhibition and counter promotion purposes are listed in the VFBS. Excepted for University-wide activities such as Convocation, Commencement, Information Day, reservation of venues not listed in the VFBS is not considered.
Reservation should be made via the VFBS at least three (3) working days in advance. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. All reservations, except for University-wide events or the events approved by The Exhibition and Conference Facilities Management Committee (ECFMC), will be confirmed one (1) month before the day of event.
Student organisations should make their applications through the Office of Student Affairs (SA) or reserve the University-wide venues/communal spaces by their own account of the academic society/interest club. They should also observe and comply with the guidelines as set out by the SA.
Each venue can be reserved for a maximum of seven (7) consecutive days.  The reservation period should include the time for setting up and reinstatement of the venue.
  Use of University-wide venues/communal spaces
The applicant and his/her department/office/unit are responsible for arranging any licensing matters for the event if required by law.
No commercial activities are allowed to be held except for the approved Mega Sale activities of student organisations.
Noises generated from the event should be kept at a reasonable level so as not to affect classes/normal activities on campus or cause nuisance to others.  If complaint(s) is/are received, the event will be suspended immediately until the nuisance is reduced or rectified to an acceptable level.  Use of public address system or other speaker systems is not allowed during class hours.
The applicant and his/her department/office/unit should be responsible for the safekeeping of equipment, materials, etc. and are advised not to leave valuable item(s) inside the venue
EO reserves the right to recover the costs for any loss or damage to the University-wide venues/communal spaces (including equipment, furniture and fixtures) arising from negligence, intentional/unintentional act, unauthorised work or any other causes within the reasonable control of the applicant.
  Venue setup
For University events/functions, service of venue setup will be provided by EO.  A list of furniture/equipment is available for reservation. The requirements of venue setup service should be provided in the Request for Venue Setup Form (English Version/Chinese Version).
Venue setup performed by the contractor of academic or administrative unit or student organisation should be conducted under full supervision by the respective unit or student organisation.
The venue setup should not block off emergency lighting, fire services installation, fire signage and exit, escape routing, emergency vehicular access, disabled access and pedestrian flow.
All mobile stages, display boards, stands, tables, temporary fixtures and materials should be securely and safely placed so as not to cause any inconvenience or potential danger to other campus users.
Special precautions should be taken to prevent electrical hazards such as overloading and electric shock under wet weathers and environments.  To avoid tripping, cables should not lie across the passageway.  If unavoidable, cable protector should be used.
The applicant and his/her department/office/unit should be responsible for maintaining the tidiness and cleanliness of the campus space in the course of the event and reinstating the venue to its original condition immediately after use.
The Guidelines may be reviewed annually or as and when required.

Note:      Staff/students may use the communal spaces on the spot for ad hoc activities by registering at the designated security control centre/room in case there are no advance reservations for the venues.


Revised in July 2018


Venue Setup:

Shaw Campus/Baptist University Road Campus

Mr. Johnny Poon

3411 7679 (ext. 7679)


Ho Sin Hang Campus

Miss Meris Sin

3411 2490 (ext. 2490)


Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chor Tak Multi-Purpose Hall

Ms. Wing Sit

3411 7034 (ext. 7034)



Venue Reservation:

Internal User / External Organisation


Ms. Wing Sit

3411 7034 (ext. 7034)


Shaw Tower (except Council Chamber)

Ms. Rachel Wong                            3411 5603 (ext. 5603)
Last modified on 9 July 2021