Exhibition and Conference Venues

Exhibition and Conference Venues

Residual Timeslots of Venues
Rules and Regulations for Use of Exhibition and Conference Venues
Guidelines and Criteria for Selection

Exhibition and Conference Venues

The Venues

The Exhibition and Conference Facilities Management Committee oversees the use and allocation of eight University-wide exhibition and conference venues situated in the Ho Sin Hang Campus, Shaw Campus, and Baptist University Road Campus respectively.  The inclusion/addition of other venues shall be subject to the University management’s decision. 



 Ho Sin Hang Campus

Academic Community Hall

(More information at: http://www.ach.hkbu.edu.hk/)


Shaw Campus

Lam Woo International Conference Centre

Dr. and Mrs. Sze Chi Ching Exhibition Gallery (Level 1)

Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chor Tak Multi-Purpose Hall


Baptist University Road Campus

Tsang Chan Sik Yue Auditorium

Yim Tsui Yuk Shan Plaza

Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery

Sculpture Garden

Use and Reservation

While most of these eight venues are mainly used for either exhibition or conference purposes, some are of a multi-functional nature and could be used for other activities.  These eight venues can be reserved over the residual timeslots following scheduled teaching classes, designated University-wide functions, activities endorsed by the University management, and confirmed events.  Please refer to the residual timeslots of the venues.


Rules and regulations for the use of the exhibition and conference venues

Call for Event Submissions

Call for event submissions are made twice a year, in June for events scheduled for the second semester of the following academic year and thereafter, and in December for those scheduled for the first semester of the following academic year and thereafter.  After the submission deadline for the events has lapsed, the Committee shall review all submitted events and event holders shall be notified of their application results.  All remaining timeslots of the venues, except the Academic Community Hall and Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, will be made available for booking through the Venues and Facilities Booking System of the University for other ad hoc activities.


Please refer to the guidelines and criteria for the selection of exhibition and conference events.


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