Green Corner Chinese New Year's Giveaway Green Corner Chinese New Year's Giveaway
How to Earn a Drink Coupon How to Earn a Drink Coupon

14 February 2024

The HKBU has launched a new initiative called ”Chinese New Year's Giveaway at Green Corner“. By following our Instagram and Facebook or recycling at the smart bins at Green Corner, you will not only learn how to properly separate and handle recyclables but also earn a drink coupon. 

HKBU Sustainability now sets up an onsite promotion booth to teach how to recycle by using smart recycling bins. The details are below.

Green Corner Objective:

To facilitate waste segregation and recycling on campus through smart recycling bins.

Onsite Promotion Date and Time:

19 - 20 February at 2pm to 4:30pm


All staff and students



Green Corner Opening Hours:

24 hours

Types of recycling bins: 

1. No.2 Plastic 

2. No.4-7 Plastic 

All Plastic Remark: Food/Drink-contaminated containers and degradable plastics are not accepted for recycling.

3. Newspaper, books, magazines

4. Copypaper 

5. Cardboard 

6. Other paper composite 

All Paper Remark: Paint, Chemical, and food-contaminated paper are not accepted for recycling.

7. Clothes 

All Clothes Remark: Check for personal belongings

Green Corner Recycling Process:

1. Prepare your student ID card (physical/ digital)

2. Choose the recycling bins you want to use

3. Place the recyclables in the relevant bins

4. Earn reward points

For more details, please refer to the poster on this page.