EatForThePlant_2023_Mini Quiz EatForThePlant_2023_Mini Quiz

1 December 2023

The Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme is now launching an event called the EatForThePlanet Mini Quiz. By participating in this event, you will not only understand more climate-friendly meals but also have a chance to win a total prize of HK$5,000 including coupons for vegetarian and organic food in the lucky draw!

Event Objective:

To promote a recap of EatForThePlanet event information in 2023 and climate-friendly meals 


4 - 15 December 2023


All staff and students


The winners will be entered into a lucky draw for the chance to win the following gift valued up to HK$5,000: 

1st Prize:

1 winner of HK$1,000 Apple Gift Card & HK$500 Treehouse coupon

2nd Prize:

1 winner of HK$700 Apple Gift Card & HK$300 Green Common Coupon

3rd prizes:

- 5 winners of HK$250 Green Common coupon

- 5 winners of HK$250 Spicebox Organics coupon

Click or scan the QR code on the poster to complete the mini-quiz!

For more details, please refer to the posters on this page.