Summary of Application/ Request Forms
Banners Display
Request for Banner Setup
Campus Cleaning
Request for Additional Campus Services
Campus Security
Gate Pass for Moving of University Property
攜帶大學物資出校准許紙 (中文版)
Application for On-campus Video Shooting and Photo Taking in Common Areas (English version)
校園公共範圍拍攝申請表 (中文版)
Application for Extension of Stay on Campus
Car Parking
Reservation of Car Parking Space
Request for Overnight Parking
Car Parking Permit I
Car Parking Permit II
Car Parking Permit IV
Application for Refund - Parking Permit Fee
Electrical Accessories Requisition Form
Extension of Air-conditioning Service
Request for Extension of Air-conditioning Service
Hospitality Services
Reservation for Banquet/Buffet Services at HKBU Lounge
Menu served by Senior Chef of the University
Reservation for Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chor Tak Lodge for Distinguished Scholars
Minor Alterations, Additions and Improvements Works
Request for Minor Alterations, Additions and Improvements Works
Moving Service
校園搬運服務申請表 (中文版)
Repair and Maintenance Works
Application for Maintenance/Repair Service (English version)
維修服務申請表 (中文版)
承建商申領反光衣通知 (中文版)
Permit-to-work for Hot Work 熱工作准許證
工地風險自我檢查表 (中文版)
Space Use
Request for Space
Use of University-wide Communal Venue/Area
Venues and Facilities Booking System
Request for Venue Setup (English Version)
Request for Venue Setup at Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chor Tak Multi-purpose Hall (English Version)
Reservation of Exhibition and Conference Venues
Tea/Coffee Service Requisition
Last modified on 21 January 2022